BALI JEEP TOUR is a serious company, with Legal Travel License in Indonesia, and with a long career of 9 years  designing and arranging Jeep Tours around Bali.


Through our 4x4 Jeep Tours in Bali, we help the SUSTAINABLE TOURISM:

- Improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of the little villages, as many of them do have very little resources to survive

- Strenghening their culture and social values, as with your visit we make them feel important

- Creating added values to the visits, as you will see that Bali and that lifestyle that you would have never seen if you do only touristical tours


Hope to hear from  you soon.


Nyoman Metra

Manager at BJT


With our Jeep Tours 4x4 in Bali we support the SUSTAINABLE TOURISM, as thanks to your visit you help:

  improving the quality of life of the Balinese

  reinforcing their cultural and social values

  creating added value to your visits

You will visit the most Authentic parts of Bali, children will say "Hallo!" to you

You will have direct contact with the Balinese villagers, with whom you will laugh and talk

You will have views and photos from a higher point of view, as we open the roof window for you to stand up and see

You travel with quality and security to the most hidden Bali

Our cars maintain are original Classic Land Rovers but modified in its interior, its wheels and its motors to make them more comfortable for our Clients and stronger to reach the least accesible points of Bali.

Also our cars are equipped with security belts, following the standards for the security of our Clients. Our cars also have air conditioned and a roof window that we open for our Clients, so that they can stand up and have much better views and take much better photos from that point of view.

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At our Trekkings you will be equipped with quality accessories, as a trekking stick (not a branch stick), and a little backpack with mineral water, candies, a raincoat, gloves and a frontal light, so that you do not need to carry a torch on your hand, increasing your own security when you go trekking by BJT. Also we always use proffessional guides who will accompany you through the whole itinerary. The breakfast is complete (not just a simple breakfast).

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